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The Florence Masetla Foundation was started in 2013 initially focusing on the research and championing the use of technology in education to help eradicate poverty through access to quality education and information for decision making and active citizenship.

The focus of the foundation has since expanded from just the research and championing of the use of ICT in education in South Africa, to now include the following:

Youth educational programs which looks at topics such as career guidance, abuse, HIV/AIDS etc.; and mentorship (since the launch in March 2015 20 people benefited from this initiative); and sponsorship (the aim for this initiative is to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to stay in and focus on school by organising school packs inclusive of a school backpack and stationery.)

Through the foundation, we pioneered an initiative called CLIMB against sexual abuse which is committed to breaking the silence on sexual violence and creating a powerful movement of change. The foundation sponsored the first climb in Aug 2015, where a group of hikers composed, of sexual abuse survivors and their supporters, to climb the Drakensberg Mountains.

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Florence Masetla

Florence Masetla


Florence is an Educator by profession, a Social Entrepreneur by passion and a lifelong student! She is a One Young World Ambassador who is an educator at heart, a social entrepreneur by passion and a lifelong student by choice. Florence is a student of life hence she loves to travel and explore new places and experience new things. She regards herself as a child of the African continent with a global citizenship and thinking. Florence believes that the greatest gift we can give ourselves and humanity is to serve others whilst serving our individual need(s) of self-realisation etc. She is currently leading two social enterprises; the Founder of the Florence Masetla Foundation and the South African Chapter Head for Climb Against Sexual Abuse. Florence holds qualifications in Business Informatics, Risk Management, Insurance and Training.

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